Kraft against Annie’s

These yellow powder mixes pair to perfection with huge amounts of butter and milk, turning into America’s favorite comfort food and the nightmare for every low-calorie diet. Mac & Cheese: traditional or organic? You decide.


The first time you try Mac & Cheese is like discovering the only thing left to make your life complete. They are made incredibly fast and Kraft is the seal of quality backing each of these blue boxes.In fact, it is the most popular brand of this quick and easy-to-make invention, first introduced in 1937 and made popular during World War II rationing. Nowadays, they offer over twenty different varieties in their legendary blue box, which is available in a slew of formats—microwavable dinner cups, noodles or deluxe. The ultimate comfort food and hangover cure, Kraft has won over the hearts of every family in the US and Canada, where it is known as ‘Kraft Dinner’. For children and parents alike, it is the best solution for any meal; an empty fridge’s best friend and a scale’s worst enemy.


Well aware of the tough competition they’re up against, the makers of Annie’s Homegrown hail from Berkeley, California, and know that organic is the way to go. That’s why they’ve been offering healthier versions of all-time classics since they started in 1989. Their lovely mascot, Bernie the rabbit, is the seal of approval for all of Annie’s products, which include pastas, frozen pizzas and sauces. Acquired by General Mills for $820 million in 2014, Annie’s has grown incredibly fast and boasts second place in sales after Kraft for their organic and socially responsible macaroni made with real cheese. Now parents have to make a hard choice: give their kids the same Mac & Cheese they grew up with or the one that turns their new packaging into flower pots on Instagram. It all comes down to taste (and butter!).